Website colophon

This page outlines technical details about this website. You can learn more about the purpose and content of the website, as well as the author on the About page.

This site was built using a boring static site generator, written in a boring template language and served by boring S3 compatible storage behind a boring reverse proxy.

The three primary fonts I use are:

Syntax highlighting is done by the great Prism.js, statically generated of course.

Every request to this site is handled by Bunny CDNs exclusively in the APAC region for a reason. Nothing here is dynamic, so, maybe stop scanning config.php, ../../etc/passwd, .git or something like that.

I'm experimenting with stale-while-revalidate in Bunny by keeping track of the latest commit id under this site to maximize the cache-hit ratio, so apologies if you run into any inconsistency issues.

And please don't poison the cache, I guess.

If you enjoy the site, consider to giving me a word or some love (my love language is words of affirmation and github sponsors btw).

You may notice that I use self-hosted, open source privacy-focused web analytics. I respect your DNT preferences (despite its depreciation) and it's likely that your uBlock Origin rule is blocking the umami.js just like mine.

Otherwise, no personal information is stored unless you treat your user agent as your own unique identity (sorry).